Welcome to my “Highlight Reel”

This home page is meant to act as a highlight reel of what stories and media pieces work as my best examples and skill sets. Check it out!


Puerto Rican Action Committee Lifetime Achievement Award profiles

I’ve included these profiles in my “highlight reel” because it was a very challenging assignment. I was given email addresses and names and sent to profile these four very amazing, but very busy individuals. I had three weeks to hunt them down, get to the bottom of what makes them them, determine why they’re being honored, and capture their story and beliefs. It was hard, they were busy,  I was busy, and some spoke very broken English. But it was an incredible thing to hear their stories, their trials, and their belief in a better world. I was honored to work with them.

Pedro Santana
Lucy Jimenez
Mayra Arroyo
Andres Lopez 

SWAT Team live-action training, train Rowan officers

I’ve included this article in my “highlight reel” because it was the best experience I’ve had as a journalist. For this article, my editor handed me a press release and said “Be there at 10:30.”

I didn’t know what I was walking into.

I showed up, talked to SWAT Sergeant Mike Fitzgibbon, and before I knew it I was outfitted in full head-to-toe bullet proof gear running behind trainees as SWAT members disguised as assailants fired at us relentlessly.

I got shot; it stung; but wow, did I get the best color for a feature story.. My editors bumped it to the front page and I had numerous people contact me about it.

It was totally worth the welt on my shoulder.

“Officers clad in bulletproof vests and protective gear with weapons in hand searched room by room, leaving no door unopened and no closet unchecked.

“We got a phone call claiming shots have been fired and screams were heard, and that’s about all we know. Move quickly and carefully and head in,” police signaled.

Eerie silence haunted the hallways of the dormitory until a door banged open in front of the officers, with two assailants jumping out. Officers could be heard yelling, “Drop your weapons!” as they moved in on the perpetrators.” …..

Link to the article: SWAT Team live-action training, train Rowan officers


Gallery One: Field of Dreams

I’ve included this story in my “highlight reel” because I did this article from start to finish out of passion. I pitched the idea to my editors at the school paper, traveled the near two hours to the event, and took the photos, videos, and did the interviews on my own. It was an incredible philanthropic effort that would have been overlooked and missed but deserved more recognition than this.

Summary: The brothers of Phi Kappa Psi teamed up with the Field of Dreams to build a new handicap accessible playground as well as play a few games of baseball with some of the kids.

Link to the story: Phi Kappa Psi teams up with Field of Dreams, build playground


The Gallery:

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