College Work

During my time at Rowan University, I’ve worked to improve my journalism skills in both old-school habits as well as new media. In doing so, I was challenge to write articles, take photographs, and also create websites and blogs from scratch and code.

The final results…

Article Work:







Photography :


For this article that I wrote, I took a gallery of photos . Here’s some shots from the day.


Online//Media Work:

HTML/CSS Website Building //A Passion Project//What Makes Fitness Fun

For my new media production class, I built a website entirely from CSS and HTML coding. I learned basic coding skills and was pushed to create something from nothing. I took photos, created videos, and put all of it together to create a website entitled “What Makes Fitness Fun?” which allows for users to follow the training routines of three different trainers — one athlete, one group class instructor, and one adventure seeker.

cyoa newanalytics

Online Journalism//Music Blog//R U Listening?

In an online journalism class, I was instructed to create a blog based on passion and campus life. I selected music and it’s effect on a college campus. Using polls, interviews, and recordings I successfully created a blog that was updated multiple times weekly and was relevant to the lives of college students.



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