Internship Work

From June through November of 2014 I interned at the local daily newspaper The South Jersey Times, associated with In my time at the paper I worked doing aggregation, features, news, and preview work. The skills I was asked to exhibit were basic journalism skills, photography, and idea pitching. I was pushed to learn topics I was unfamiliar with, and asked to look objectively upon topics I was familiar with.

With more than 50 clips produced during that time, I would like to share ones that exhibit the many skills that were put to the test.

News Clips:


Appel Farms Names Cori Ann Solomon as new executive director



“Appel Farms Arts and Music Center has promoted seven-year camp director Cori Ann Solomon to the position of executive director after a six-month long national search for a replacement.

In November 2013, Executive Director Dr. Loren Thomas left the center, causing Deputy Director Lawrence Schmidt to take over as interim while the board searched for a permanent replacement. After going through 57 resumes, the board unanimously voted to promote Cori Solomon, an Appel Farms camp director since 2007, to the position.”

This was my first ever news article, and my first ever article for the South Jersey Times. They handed me a press release, I made some calls, wrote it up and the next day it was on the front page in both Salem and Gloucester county.

Atlantic City Electric alert customers of scam

American Red Cross seek donation for summer campaign

August “Walk ‘N Talk” dates released

Camden Man pleads guilty for role in death

Heat warning for Camden County

Mummer parade route set to change

New Sky Zone Location Opened

Pitman officials create official loading and unloading zones

Two-day heat warning issued 

Weather Warning

Features Clips:


Philadelphia Comic Con has huge and diverse turnout


“A tiny version of Mystique sits on a window ledge, her blue face twisted in concentration as she hands off an iPad displaying some colorful shooting game to a young boy in suspenders, a brown coat and a bright red fez atop his head.

Although this sounds like a nerdy dream or a fan-made crossover of “X-Men” meets “Doctor Who,” this was real life. This was Philadelphia Comic Con, which concluded on Sunday.”

This was an idea that myself and my cowriter, Lauren, pitched. We got a phone call from the features editor the morning before the event and she said “I have two press passes for that comic thingy if you and Lauren want to do it.” Yes. Always say yes. I took photos, Lauren wrote the news sections, and I spiced it up with color and feature writing. We were both very proud of this piece.


Blackwood Learning Experience raises $2300

Glassboro Urgent Care Opens

Homes for Heroes expands to New Jersey

Just Us Girls nonprofit spreads hope

Lego painting parties come to Woodbury

Memorial made for Dennis Spera

Rowan Police trained in SWAT active shooter simulations

Rowan Urban Teaching Academy puts kids to the test

Rutgers alum creates domestic violence app

Rutgers student begins magical journey as Disney intern

Special Olympics to feature Gloucester County Duo

Starbucks starts new college program for employees



Crossroads and Eat Boston to host first ever Bacon and Beer festival in South Jersey


“With summer being the ideal time for countless festivals and organizations catching the public’s eye, Crossroads Programs decided to team up with Eat Boston to stage a “first of its kind” event in Collingswood and host the South Jersey Bacon and Beer Festival.

The idea was developed by Lydia Cipriani, the director of development and communications for Crossroads Programs.”

This is my featured preview because it was just fun to write and cover (come on, it’s bacon and beer). I also feel that with this preview I was able to bring together news, previews, and features to create a little blurb of perfection.

Annual Xponential music festival

Comic Documentary from Rutgers filmmaker to premier

Mainstage bringing magic to the stage this summer


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